John Deere Model GP

John Deere Model GP

The John Deere Model GP "General Purpose" was the first John Deere "row crop" tractor. It was not a replacement for the Model D, but was introduced to farmers as a tractor with increased versatility.

In order to compete with the new Farmall tractors (which were introduced in 1926), John Deere began to develop more versions of the GP. The John Deere Model GP was built in five distinct versions through the course of its production:

  • The standard-front GP, or John Deere Standard, built from March 1928 to February 1935.
  • The John Deere two-wheel tricycle-front GP, or GP-Tricycle, of which twenty-three units were built between August 1928 and April 1929.
  • The John Deere GP Wide-Tread, or GPWT, built from November 1929 to November 1933.
  • The John Deere GP Wide-Tread Series P, a GPWT with narrowed rear tread width designed to suit potato rows, built between January and August 1930.
  • The John Deere General Purpose Orchard tractor, or John Deere GPO, from April 1931 to April 1935 GP

During the course of its development you can see that the Model D is beginning to look a lot like the Model A.

Model: GP
Years of Manufacturing: 1928 to 1935
Total Built: 30.535 GP, 5.103 GPWT, 717 GPO
Factory: Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Original Price: $1,200 (1935)
Engine: John Deere L-head horizontal two-cylinder
Fuel: Gasoline (start), distillate (run)