John Deere Model AR

1950 John Deere AR

As with all two cylinder John Deere tractors, the AR model is also called a “Johnny Popper”. The AR is a pulling tractor which was often used on grain farms in the prairie provinces. The John Deere Model AR Tractor was first produced in 1935 and continued until 1948 when it became the last John Deere model to be "styled", the final version of which was produced in 1952.

The R stands for Regular or Standard-tread and featured a non-adjustable front axle. All Model AR.'s were built at the John Deere, Waterloo, Iowa factory. The two cylinder petrol/kerosene horizontal engine had a bore of 5 1/2 inches and a stroke of 6 3/4 inches, maximum engine speed was 975 RPM Transmission was via a four forward and one reverse speed gearbox. A total of 34,075 Model AR,s were produced. This particular John Deere Model AR is photographed in Moonstone Ontario.

Model: AR
Years of Manufacturing: 1935 - 1952
Total Built: 34,075
Factory: Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Original Price: $2,300 (1951)
Engine: Gasoline 2 Cylinder
Fuel: Gasoline